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My Riff on Oz

Ever since I was young, one of my favorite movies has been The Wizard of Oz.  As a wide-eyed little girl of six years, I sat on the floor transfixed by the story unfolding on the screen.  The emotions overwhelmed me and wouldn’t leave.

My eyes filled with tears when the mean lady took Toto and pedaled away on her bicycle.  The tomboy I was, I seriously wanted to kick her back tire, throw a rock at her and push the bike over to rescue Toto.  Maybe I wasn’t a sweet little girl made of “sugar and spice and everything nice”, but someone who wanted to help the helpless and serve some justice by putting those rock throwing skills to use.  I remember the tears falling with happiness when Toto jumped out of the basket and ran back to Dorothy.

Maybe this is why I’ve rescued animals my entire life?

Maybe this is why I yearn for justice, and desire to defend the defenseless?

Then there’s the memory of angst and holding my breath when Dorothy was held captive by the wicked witch while her friends tried to rescue her.  They were friends helping each other, and they stayed together throughout the journey.

Maybe this is why I desire to help others and see life as a journey?

I’m certainly not the only person to have this movie as a favorite, nor am I the first to perceive their own symbolism and analogies. This post, along with some in the future, are my “Riff on Oz”.


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