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Now, Where Did I Put That??

I’ve been looking and looking for something for hours.

Hmmm…I wonder where it is?

Ah, yes…I know where it is.  It’s in a safe place!

Wherever that is.

Yes, my son learned to dread the phrase “I put it in a safe place”.  He usually groans, “See you always lose something!”  I counter with “It isn’t lost.  It’s in a safe place.  I just have to find it.”   Sometimes he laughs at me while passing through a room I’m tearing apart.  Sometimes he gives me a hard time: “Mom, stop putting things in a safe place!  You can never find them!  Really?? Haven’t you learned??”  My retort is always the same: “I’ll find it…I always do…someday.”

Often, I’ll give up the hunt for a day or two only to return to the search for the elusive “safe place”.  On occasion, the break is a bit longer, but I never give up.  Like a bloodhound sniffing and searching, I’ll go through a room or the whole house.  Maybe I’ll sit down to do something only to get a thought of where it might be and get up to go look. Always searching and searching and searching until EUREKA!

So it is again.  I’ve misplaced a stack of training papers that I need to log.  They were soooo very important that I put them somewhere very specific.  Somewhere they wouldn’t get mixed up with other papers.  Somewhere I could find them at a moment’s notice.  You know, “a safe place”.

My son was 7 when he first learned to fear this phrase.  Probably very memorable for him since this happened on his birthday.  The item I couldn’t find was a birthday gift.  Yes, I did that.  Just keeping things safe, you know?  Up to that day he never knew my safe place was so hard to find, never questioned it.

On that day, he’d had a BIG birthday party inviting the entire 1st grade to a roller skating party.  As always, my son and skating equals a trip to the emergency room with his 7th birthday being no exception.  That’s a blog posting for another time.  After the ER, we went home to open gifts and we were both quite exhausted. It was after 9pm on a school night, and we were finally going to bed.  As soon as my head hit the pillow I remembered another gift I had tucked away for him.  Tucked away in a safe place.

He had been wanting a particular gift at the time and I had forgotten about it hidden away in its very own safe place.  I told him he had one more gift, so we both got up while I went to retrieve it in my bedroom closet.  I couldn’t find it.  Not hidden in any bags, or under the clothes or in the back of the closet.  Not that gift anyway.  However, I did find several other gifts I had hidden away in those safe places.  I had completely forgot about those items!  He was thrilled to receive more gifts so unexpectedly.  However, I couldn’t find the one gift I had initially searched for.

I drove myself crazy looking for that gift.  I KNEW it was in the closet because I had a memory of myself in there getting ready to hide it earlier that month.  I just couldn’t remember anything beyond standing in the closet.  I finally had to tell him what the gift was and assure him it would show up, that I would find the safe place…one day.  He would ask from time to time if I had found the “safe place” yet.  He asked me to never again put anything in a “safe place”.  Finally, that one day came…over a month later when we were moving…I FOUND IT!  The safe place AND the gift.  It was in a shoebox in my closet.  Go figure.

I always find what I’m looking for.  Always.  Just not when I’m looking for it.  I usually find the item later.  Sometimes much later.  Often, I find it when I’m looking for another item I also left in a safe place.  A different safe place, of course.  Leaving everything in the same safe place just would not make sense, now would it?  I wonder if there is a rehab program for leaving things in a safe place?  When I told my son that I was blogging about my “safe place” he started laughing and asked if I was going to put this blog in a safe place too.  Not funny.

I haven’t found the training papers I’m looking for and our leadership meeting is tomorrow night.  I’m hoping I find them at work tomorrow laying on my desk…all nice and safe.

This is a repost from my previous blog – first posted on 1/25/11

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