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The Shadow Man Revealed

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In honor of Valentine’s Day, this is a repost from my previous blog on 3/21/11.

The Shadow Man stepped from the shadows and revealed himself in full light.

Ah, my Shadow Man, how did I dream of thee?  Let me count thy ways.  Well, actually, it was only one dream, but what an awesome dream it was.  Within days of that posting, The Shadow Man stepped from the shadows to reveal himself.

So, who is The Shadow Man?  Exactly who I had hoped he would be.  A dear friend and brother in Christ that I’ve known for several years.  While my feelings for him had started to grow, I did not want to jeopardize the great friendship we had so I turned to God for guidance.  My prayer was to know if his feelings had also grown and, if not, that God would remove any feelings I had beyond friendship.  That prayer was answered.

The Shadow Man has many wonderful qualities.  Not only is he a Godly man, emotionally and mentally healthy, but he treats me like a princess.  He is solid in character, has a great sense of humor and a brilliant intellect. My son knows him as a family friend so there is no newness, pressure or stress for him.  Just a gentle getting to know you better time frame.

We have no idea where this is headed and have no expectations of what God has in store. However, we are fully enjoying the time we spend together, continuing to learn more about each other and patiently waiting to see where God leads.  And we are committed to God leading.  This incredible man invited Christ into our relationship to be the foundation and leads us in prayer together.  True to my every hope, The Shadow Man is wonderful and I continue to be amazed each day.

Happy ending update:  Shadow Man turned out to be “the one” and we married later that year.


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