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The Shadow Man

In honor of Valentine’s Day, this is a repost from my previous blog on 2/22/11.

My life as a single woman can be quite entertaining when it comes to dating.  Some of my friends stay very entertained!  Oh, the stories I could tell!  There’s the guy that…well, nevermind.  The purpose of this post isn’t to call anyone out, or to make fun of the ones who turned out to be a Bozo instead of a Boaz.  Perhaps that blog will come later!

Oh, and for any of the men that I may have dated and who are now my friends: you are in the clear.  You made it to the friend status, not Bozo status, so you can rest easy.  No worries – you wouldn’t be the subject matter for such a post!

This post is about The Shadow Man.  He made his appearance in a dream I had recently.  The dream was about dating, and there were three men.  The first was the kind of guy who was fun to be around.  There was a superficial attraction, but he didn’t have substance to make a successful relationship.  The second was a single dad, great guy, but was removed and distant in the dream.  Then, there was The Shadow Man.

The dream stayed with me all through the next day in an intense manner.  While I don’t trust everything I dream for various reasons, I believe this dream carried a message.  In real life, there were two men who were asking me out.  My prayer to my Heavenly Father was that I would know unmistakably and immediately if these dates would be the beginning of a relationship I should proceed with.  That’s been my prayer for quite a while and God is good and has always answered.

The first, with whom I had a lunch date scheduled, seemed like he had some great qualities, but I knew some of the attraction was superficial and questioned the speed of emotion on his part. After my prayer he called to cancel.  He was very nice about it, and I realized I was relieved not to be going.

The second date isn’t for another week and I’m curious to see if he matches the second man in the dream.  He is, in fact, a single father and seems like a nice guy, but there is some reservation about compatible parenting, and conversation just doesn’t leave me excited about talking to him again.  I am keeping an open mind, but I wonder if this date will be the confirmation I am seeking.

Then there is The Shadow Man.  I can still see that part of the dream ever so clearly.  It is evening and a beautiful outdoor setting. I am standing in the light on green grass, and he is just past the edge of the grass in the shadow facing towards me.  However hard I try to see, his identity remains hidden and is never revealed to me in that dream.

After hearing about the dream, a good friend mentioned that dreams can be symbolic.  His statement can certainly be true; however, in this dream there was an actual presence in The Shadow Man.  I have no doubt I will know the meaning and presence at some point.  Of course, the impatient me would love to know now.

I seldom date.  I even laugh about what I call “my dating life, or the lack thereof”.  Years ago, I gave that part of my life over to Christ and asked Him who to accept a date with and who to say no to.  He always answers, and is always clear.  Once or twice I questioned a “no – stay friends” answer from Him, but I obeyed.  And several months down the road I was ever so thankful.

Who is this Shadow Man?  I would joke that “only the shadow knows”, but does he?  Have we even met?  Does he know me?  Do I know him?  Is it someone I know and it is just a timing issue?  Is it someone I’ve yet to meet?  I do wonder the who, the when and the how.  I know I must simply continue to follow God and wait on “the one” He has chosen as well as His timing.

One of my favorite quotes is by Maya Angelou “A woman’s heart should be so hidden in Christ, that a man must first seek Him to find her.” I pray that is how I am found, and that I will be viewed as a Proverbs 31 Woman.  So, for now, The Shadow Man stays with me in memory.

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