Where have you been?     Where are you going?    Every day is a choice.    What direction will you take?
VIPKid teacher and child

Could VIPKid Be a Part of Your New Direction?

In the beginning I was simply looking for online teaching experience, and a little extra income in the process was a bonus.  However, after teaching my first few classes, I fell in love with the children, and realized I enjoyed helping others learn something new.  I create my own extremely flexible schedule each week. The time zone difference allows me to teach and still have my whole day available.  My teaching at VIPKid went from being a short-term gig simply to gain experience, to a rewarding business that I am passionate about and have fun doing.

If you are interested in learning more, contact me!  I want to give you all the information and encouragement you need to be successful!  My goal is to be your biggest cheerleader, and provide you with what I wish I’d had: someone you can ask questions during the process.

If you want to go ahead and start on your own, go for it!  Use the button below to find out more.  You can always contact me later if you decide you’d like support or encouragement.


Answers to your most pressing questions about VIPKid

  • You DO need a Bachelor’s degree of some kind
  • It IS easy
  • You DO need to do put forth your best effort
  • You CAN do this part time
  • You DO earn money
  • You CAN do this!

  • You do NOT need an education degree or certification
  • It is NOT hard
  • You do NOT need classroom experience
  • You do NOT have to be full time
  • This is NOT volunteer
  • No really, You CAN do this! 🙂