Where have you been?     Where are you going?    Every day is a choice.    What direction will you take?
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What Direction welcomes you

Where you’ve been is a part of who you are, but doesn’t have to define who you become.

Embrace lessons learned
cherish the good
grieve the losses
treasure the blessings
mourn the sorrows
understand what you can
let go of the rest
value the love
forgive the hate
contemplate God’s love
anticipate the future…

What Direction is created with the desire to make a change for the good; for the sole purpose that it might help even one person. Perhaps your life will be enriched with a touch of hope, a view to consider, or an insight to ponder. Maybe you’ll discover something of value, enjoy a laugh, or encounter a ray of truth. It’s possible you might find me simply traveling down memory lane. Join me and let’s laugh, cry, and learn together.

May your journey be full of passion, purpose and possibilities!
Where have you been?
Where are you going?
Every day is a choice,
What direction will you take?


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